4 October 2009 0


Luck is knocking again at my door
It’s the thirteen, thirteen, it’s thirteen again
That’s the only number I have been waiting for
It’s the thirteen, thirteen, it’s thirteen again

Wake up in the morning
Check the time on the clock
Can’t help myself smiling
I feel solid as a rock


Breakfast’s always the same
Why change if you like it?
Life’s only a chance game
To win, you need to be fit
Check the date on the calendar
Things will work out my way
It’s something very particular
It’s the thirteen and Friday


Any change in my pocket?
Credit cards are a damn thing
‘reach for the all coins I can get
Thirteen pounds sterling

I went to visit friends in California
They took me for a ride to Las Vegas
Gambling gives me paranoia
But I won on thirteen and they felt like an ass

Whenever you feel down and out of luck
I can’t recommend any address
When things go wrong that you cannot duck
Just count to thirteen and worry much less


Copyright Daniel Labonne.
Friday 13th February 2009. Croydon.