J’entends pleurer Le Plaza


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The PLAZA is one of the two theatre buildings of Mauritius. During two decades, the theatre was locked up, neglected by the authrorities, unaccessible to the public. The author had been an actor performing on the Plaza stage before moving to Europe and writing poetry. In his preface, the mayor of Rose-Hill expresses support for this ‘personal indignation and an original initiative’ through the medium of poetry. Striking photographs become visual testimonies of nuanced emotions. The ensemble comes across as a heartfelt call. A rare trio harmonising voices of the poet, the politician and the photographer.

In a long poem, the author laments the deserted theatre within a dilapidated heritage building. So many emotions, so many life-changing experiences. Photos showing neglect of an abandoned jewel illustrate this small but meaningful book. The aim is also to raise awareness and make the citizen less dependent upon the people in power or assistance from abroad. Photos by Antonio Chavry.


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