1 February 2018 0



By Daniel Labonne

To Marie Nicole Hendrix (Born Labonne)

Born in Mauritius 8.8.48-Deceased in USA 30.10.17


Whenever, sister, you reach the other side

Tell Moses we’re still swimming against the tide

And when you’re reunited with your soulmate

Ask about the paradox  this side of the gate

Healthy living used to be your mantra

Tending the sick your daily profession

A century old is the age of mama

Yet, you are gone and lingers contradiction

Wishes for good health failed to find a channel

Calls unanswered were loaded with decency

I bought a red card to expel the nasty cell

Then a midnight call came from Nathalie

Down here, meaningless have words become

Absurd the card andintentions wholesome

Now a white envelope sealed with love

Awaits an unknown address above


Schooled by dignity made man

Wrapped within a mother’s dream

You were the first child to happen

And I the next down the stream

The ocean held back their waves

A rainbow crowned the small island

New music escaped the staves

As a little girl danced on the sand

Under father’s hand metal shaped up

As a seamstress’ song wove a new dress

The little girl drank from the cup

Where our parents poured dreams limitless

Once your wings grew, away you flew

Opening the skies, hopping continents

Powered by faith, challenges were few

That you would not embrace with confidence

Scotland taught you the care of others

Until from America a loud voice calling

Changed the colours of your feathers

And the voice of love set four children singing!

Marvin’s hand I shook first in Canada

Then to Detroit city a proud couple drove me

Next baby boy joined your trip to Africa

Bountiful blessings for the extended family

When Nicolas my son was named after you

Your Daniella returned the compliment

To serve god and your family you did your due

But you never failed to remain elegant

Stronger you grew from life’s tribulations

Conviction dictated every step of the way

Faith and talent sourced your inspirations

As friendship and laughter peppered each day

Though life’s rough waters kept us apart

Unbroken threads kept you stitched to my heart

As your prayers shower down over your children

Games we used to play will resume in heaven


DL in Mauritius

4th November 2017